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Michael E. Parker

There is no greater journey than the one given to you by life itself. When I think about the challenges and triumphs that both me and my wife have endured I can only say, thank you, because it has made us stronger. There is no greater accomplishment than to survive what life throws at you. Despite all of the things that can cause you to give up, you must remain determined that somehow you will make it through it all. When considering my journey I wish I had 2DoLife years ago, but I am so thankful to have it now, and that today I have a chance to provide it to you.

As I think about the benefits 2DoLife has made available to the world I’m overwhelmed by the deep memories of the journey that gave birth to this solution. I will never forget the disappointments I faced in my childhood and the doubts of success that surrounded me when I was grappling with the struggle that so many of us go through: seeking to understand how to rise above our situations and get the most out of our life. Statistically, I should not be here today. But thankfully I made it through with a lot of prayer, a shift in mindset, and a commitment to myself to follow the positive examples in my life instead of the negative ones. I don’t care how much money you have or where you live, everyone wants to be happy—and I’ve learned that money alone won’t sustain happiness. Through my experiences with people, I’ve also learned that everyone wants to be a high achiever—not always scholastically, professionally, or athletically—but inside all of us, there’s a desire to achieve in areas that we find rewarding. Where I come from I witnessed so many whose dreams were cut short because they were not prepared, lost motivation, or had no resource to show them what to do. As I continued through some very painful experiences in my life to achieve success, I was shocked to discover that a big part of success really comes down to how you think, what you decide to do, and how well you are able to keep your life in balance. We’ve seen so many people who have never achieved anything because they simply didn’t think they could. I’ve been there, I’ve lived that, and as a result I understand the crippling impact this can have on someone. We’ve also seen those who think about who they want to be and what they want to achieve, but they stop there and never take action. It’s confusing, but we often know what we need to do and where we need to change, we just don’t do it. You can call it procrastination, fear, or neglect, but at the end of the day everyone’s life will be measured by what they do and have done. We’ve seen celebrities, famous athletes, and successful entrepreneurs do unbelievable things, but many times it’s at the expense of their families, their health, and sadly sometimes even their sanity. Believe it or not, this doesn’t just happen among the high profile of the world, but it hits the school teacher, the single mom, the hard working father, and the busy professional just trying to get ahead. Our life is challenged and disrupted all the time causing us to get off course even when we really don’t want to.

After rising above my challenges, going on to work with executives at Toyota, then becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, I began to think deeply about how I could help others get more out of their lives.

I’ll never forget in 2008, surrounded by a crashing economy and going through one of my toughest times as an entrepreneur, I was invited to be a guest on Fox Business News. In front of over 50,000,000 viewers I was asked about the state of the people given the challenges in our economy at the time. I passionately communicated that people were hurting and that the situation was a lot more serious than people think. I went on to say that we were in “a very serious crisis.” I will never forget the host saying “Well, I wouldn’t call it a crisis.” What did he say? I thought to myself—surely he’s not seeing what I’m seeing. People of all ethnicities and income levels were feeling like they were losing control of their lives and being confronted with life altering challenges that they had never imagined. I don´t care how much money you have or where you live, everyone wants to be happy—and I´ve learned that money alone won´t sustain happiness. After the show I went back to work and as I was enjoying the media success with my team, I was overwhelmed by a desire to put some action to the concerns I had expressed on the show. This desire gave birth to what we know today as 2DoLife. I thought about everything I had learned from the corporate world, coming through personal struggle, and observing successful people of all types. I have even coached, trained, and consulted professionals and executives in some of the most highly acclaimed businesses, and discovered all of them are faced with these same challenges. I concluded that the most pivotal elements to controlling our personal success are how we spend our money and time. Decisions regarding these two life commodities have the power to take someone forward or backward. We spend time and money every single day. My goal was to finally take things a step further than all of the money and time management workshops we have heard, the complicated software and applications we have been given, and all of the motivational speaking that leaves us feeling empty in a matter of days. "I wanted to provide a platform that will stay with people, a service full of systems that worked seamlessly to deliver real support and results almost without you realizing it. My goal was for this platform to do three things. First, help people maintain financial peace by always knowing the most critical things they need to know about their financial state so they can make wise decisions. Secondly, help people become more personally productive by creating an easier, quicker, and more convenient way to manage what they do every day. Lastly, I wanted to give everyone a new tool to help them define the way they want to live their life while providing a simple tracking system to communicate when things are getting off track or right on course. It’s really simple, you can’t manage what you can’t see and since we often don’t see where we’re going wrong, our life gets way out of whack and it can be hard to recuperate. I did just say lastly, but I guess there’s really one more thing I wanted this platform to do. It had to be fun and keep you motivated!

I concluded that the most pivotal elements to controlling our personal success are how we spend our money and time.

Using proven visual techniques I learned from here to Japan, and leveraging the successful strategies found in the gaming industry, I found a way to make this whole thing fun. One of the biggest problems we face is consistency. We start off good and then it’s right back to what we’ve always done.

Well, this is something I wanted to address because as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink it. I am so excited because, we did it! Together with my wonderful team we have created the world’s first life achievement platform and I am so happy about it and want to share it with the world. I hope you’ll see your participation with 2DoLife is actually supporting a positive movement that is dedicated to transforming money and time from nagging enemies to constructive tools that enable our personal achievement.

Yours for the cause of life achievement for all,

Michael E. Parker
Creator and Founder, 2DoLife Inc.


  • October 2012 
    CBS Jefferson Award for Public Service
  • 40 Under 40 top professionals in the East Bay award by the East Bay Business Times
  • Author of: Who Said So? The Questions Revolutionary Businesses Ask That Make Them Successful

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Michael E. Parker is one of the most remarkable speakers and communicators that I have ever met.

Zinovy Radovilsky, Ph. D.
Cal State University, East Bay

He not only teaches others how to improve their businesses, but practices what he preaches...Michael's talk to the students was again very well received and inspired the students to pursue their dreams.

Ellen Kane
Director of San Fernando Valley APICS

During the time I have known Michael E. Parker, he has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the field of lean management and operations. I have enormous respect for his teaching and leadership skills and will continue to confidently refer him to organizations that could benefit from his expertise.

Beverly Wilmore
Inner Media Vision

All the key message points, striving for excellence, education, and preparing for opportunities was masterful and Michael definitely has a gift and those in the audience including myself were moved by the message.

Derrick Savage