Safety First. Safety Always.

No One Can Transfer Money
With 2DoLife, you have the convenience of viewing all of your accounts online to manage and organize your money, but you cannot transfer money between, or out of, any of your accounts, so neither can anyone else. You also register anonymously, since we don’t need your name or any other information to personally identify you, just a valid email address and password. To connect to your financial institutions securely you provide your online login information for each institution one time, and this information is stored securely so that 2DoLife can automatically update your dashboard and financial reports, saving you time and effort in updating your transactions manually.
Safe Business Policies
At 2DoLife, our infrastructure, applications and processes are designed to provide layered protection of all data. We are very serious when it comes to protecting our customers’ data.
Stay Protected
Also, with 2DoLife alerts, you are notified through email regarding unusual charges to any of your accounts that affect your financial health, allowing you to be proactive and react quickly to keep your finances, credit score and identity from any potential harm.
Bank Level Security
2DoLife provides bank-level security for all transaction information we store, using 128-bit SSL encryption, the industry standard for data protection. If this wasn’t enough, we also meet the strongest requirements set by the most trustworthy third-party security organizations out there, such as Trust-e and Verisign. They certify us after checking our top notch security and privacy systems!